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The Manifestations Microsite is our database of innovative research on Products/ Campaigns/ Social Phenomena around the world, delivered daily from our global Streetscapes Network. We’re highlighting 10 examples out of hundreds to give you a taste of the insights our Streetscapers deliver.

Streetscapers can be solicited for bespoke research projects, delivering consultative perspectives of the on-the-ground realities behind typical market research. Streetscapers also provide regular cultural insights that enhance our Global & U.S. Subscription content.

Coop Apre Il Supermarket | Milan, Italy

Coop is a new, totally interactive grocery store with 100 monitors, designed by Coop Italia and Studio Carlo Ratti Associati (with the collaboration of Accenture and Inres).

“What Will They Say About You” | Saudi Arabia

Nike recently launched an ad entitled “What will they say about you?” The short film highlights a contentious topic in the Middle East: women in sports. The ad celebrates women athletes, encourages women to participate in sports despite social stigma and encourages them not to let others block their progress.

Honbabin | Seoul, South Korea

Honbabin is a website application solely catering to people who dine alone. You could say it is Yelp for alone eaters. Users post restaurants and bars that are friendly to single eaters/drinkers in terms of menu, surroundings, other customers, employees, and etc.

Beantown Bedding | Boston, U.S.

Beantown Bedding’s unique Eucalyptus/Tencel blend-and-clean manufacturing process makes the sheets not only soft and hypoallergenic, but also biodegradable. When the sheets get dirty, just throw them away, or better, put them in a compost pile, and they’ll be returned to nature in as little as two weeks.

Mobike | China

Mobike is a bike-sharing service that has just emerged in the past year. Unlike conventional bike-sharing programs, where the bikes are stationed next to subway entrances, Mobikes have no fixed stations, and can be parked and found anywhere.

Impactvision | London, U.K.

ImpactVision uses the power of imaging to determine the freshness of produce through indicators such as pH, tenderness and color. 

Suumo | Tokyo, Japan

Suumo is Japan’s largest house-hunting service. The company has recently introduced a new service allowing LGBTQ people to search for LGBTQ-friendly housing.

Cofix | Moscow, Russia

Cofix, an Israeli chain of fixed-price affordable cafés, has entered the Russian market. It serves coffee, sandwiches, breakfast food and soups—all for one price, 50 rubles or less than US$1.

Skolors | SÃO Paulo, Brazil

Skolors, a popular Brazilian beer brand, celebrates diversity with a line of special-edition cans in all skin tones.

Fivi Virtual Queues | Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fivi is a system that allows users to wait in line virtually for events , goods, prizes etc. The app’s name stands for “Filas Virtiales” (Virtual Queues) and it allows customers and businesses to control waiting in line and manage it on their own time.

Fake Funeral Healing | Seoul, South Korea

Hyowon Healing Center is the biggest and most established center in a growing trend of fake funeral therapy or death experience schools. It’s an effort to combat Korea’s high suicide rate by allowing people to deal with their stresses, mental problems and anxieties by “dying well” and experiencing rebirth.

Lumkani | Johannesburg, South Africa

Lumkani, which means ‘’beware’’ in isiXhosa, is a much needed invention that aims to reduce the loss of life and property caused by fires in townships and informal settlements in South Africa.