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Tmall Genie

Tmall Genie is a smart voice-controlled speaker powered by AliGenie, the latest human-computer interaction platform of AliGroup.

Stress-Detecting Mouse

This mouse, designed by Alps Electric co., monitors the users stress throughout the day. It highlights a non-obtrusive way of keeping tabs on an employees mental state.


DreamLab is a multi-award winning app that uses the shared collective processing power of unused smartphones to fast track cancer research.


#ReflectionsFromInside is the name of an anti-drunk driving PSA campaign run in Fall 2016 on behalf of nonprofit We Saves Lives.

First Genderless AI Voice

The most popular assistants today (Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google) are all women voices by default. Q, a voice developed by creative studio Virtue Nordic in conjunction with the human rights festival Copenhagen Pride and social scientist Julie Carpenter, wants to explore how AI assistants can go beyond gender norms.

Games for Change

Games for Change (G4C) is a nonprofit organization that provides resources to game designers and activists into the core of their gaming projects.


B-Resol is an app for Colombian children and adolescents to have the opportunity to anonymously warn schools about situations of bullying, drug addiction, eating disorders, and more.