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Knife Therapy Massage

Knife therapy is a session in where the client is massaged by two butcher knives which have been “blessed” with special energies.   

Massaging people with knives is a Chinese practice that dates back to 2,500 years. The alternative massage therapy is said to help realign the “qi” and there’s been an awakening in the craft in recent years with more young people taking up the practice. In Taiwan, there’s an entire association dedicated to certifying and training young masseuses and what used to be considered an antiquated past time for old people is now a burgeoning art. The concept of balancing one’s energy or — ”qi” — is very much alive in Taiwan and the knife massage is embraced as a legitimate way to accomplish that.

There are two knives that are used in the process: one that has yang energy and one that has ying energy. It is up to the masseuse to detect what the client is lacking and the knives are used to re-calibrate that energy. It is similar to the concept of using healing rocks to enhance people’s chakras.

According to a masseuse: “It’s when these two [ying and yang] energies rotate, that the good energy is transfused into our body and the negative energy is released.”