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Braille glove communicator

The Braille Glove device, invented by a Russian entrepreneur, aids in the communication of the deaf and blind. Through touches they can type words, and the application on the phone recognizes voices and transmits the response in the form of vibrations.

Statistically speaking there are 7 million people of deaf and/or blind people in the world and the only available communication way for them is through tactile sign language translators, sitting next to them and using a palm and Braille display. Each of those devices cost around $ 3000.

Fedor Bolomoyev from St.Petersburg has started working the cheaper and more effective communicator for deafblind in 2016 and by early 2019 the prototype of so-called Braille Glove is ready for mass production. The gadget automatically recognizes speech in 36 languages and thus the deafblind can communicate with respondents of different nationalities. This is a real breakthrough for Russia where only one educational center for the deaf and blind exists.