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A Nasty Boy

A Nasty Boy is a Nigerian publication that wants to broaden the definition of male identity and create a tolerant space for much wider discussions about sexuality, gender, race, and beauty.

A Nasty Boy launched in 2017, a response to narrow views and perceptions about Nigerian men. Nigerian culture can be very prescriptive and one-dimensional in expectations about identity. Androgyny is not understood and largely condemned.

A Nasty Boy has begun to share photos, spark discussions and present diverse points of view with its visual narrative to broaden perspectives and create a more inclusive culture.

In Nigeria, androgyny is generally linked with homosexuality and mocked. On one hand, ‘society’ mocks it, but on the other hand, the same society ‘watches’ and follows.

In the last few years, there’s been a rise in cross-dressing with people like Idris Okuneye aka Bobrisky who has risen to stardom from dressing like a woman, head to toe. He is vilified but also admired, and watched. He says ‘I tell them that Bobrisky is a character, he’s not a girl. I have lots of male admirers and I turn them down because I am not who they think I am.’

A Nasty Boy was well received and sparked off conversations about ideals of beauty, expressions of identity and maleness – the sort of conversations that should be held to create safe spaces for people to exist in whatever identities they chose.