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Games for Change

Games for Change (G4C) is a nonprofit organization that provides resources to game designers and activists into the core of their gaming projects.

They have a platform on their site that show new games that bring awareness to social issues. A recent game on the website, “Another Dream,” replicates the true story of a lesbian Egyptian couple seeking asylum in the Netherlands.

In June, G4C hosted its 16th “Games for Change” festival that brought designers, developers, policymakers, and the like together to share knowledge in the newest advancements happening in the altruistic gaming space. Prominent collaborators that G4C has worked with are the United Nations, War Child Holland,  McCann Australia, and MIT Game Lab.

G4C also supports future STEM leaders through their annual Student Challenge, a design program that encourages students to gamify the most pressing issues in their communities. Along with inspiring students to exercise their activism in a unique way, the G4C student challenge encourages professors to gamify learning activities to help students absorb information quicker and for longer.

This organization sees a unique opportunity at the intersection of activism and technology and feeds into people’s desire to make a change and immerse themselves into different realities.