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Slow Down Radio

Danish radio channel “24/7” joined together with the small Copenhagen cinema “Posthus Teatret”, to open doors invited guests for the premiere of a one hour “slow” radio program. The cinema turns into complete darkness for an hour, and with dedicated attention to the program, audience remains seated and silent.

However, what this event directs attention to, is also a turn away from the serial “mass production” structure of the podcast, in favor for a slower pace, one time, quality piece of radio. The full house of the evening, together with the announcement about more events to come, could perhaps reflect a successful attention to alternative ways of experiencing sound, as well as going to the cinema. What more is, that it also marks a tendency which perhaps can be traced within more fields of media; that, there seem to be a return to appreciation of slow entertainment. This could perhaps be understood as a counter reaction to a constant high speed technological development. In contrast to fast speed consumption, radio, poetry, and books are all representing slow track choices.