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Tmall Genie

Tmall Genie is a smart voice-controlled speaker powered by AliGenie, the latest human-computer interaction platform of AliGroup.

It understands commands in Mandarin Chinese upon which it is able to run tasks from reading bedtime stories to children to teaching Chinese characters. Now, the smart speaker offers a touch interface that is child-friendly.

In an age of AI, childcare is getting more high-quality and easier by providing parents with unlimited access to knowledge and saving them time.

In collaboration with a number of Chinese publishers, Tmall Genie is able to recognize the covers of 117 sets of children’s books and read them aloud when their parents are busy. It can also recognize selected flashcards, which helps Chinese children read the characters when studying. Moreover, while pronouncing the words, an animation will appear on the screen to explain the origin of the word.

Tmall Genie also has a 3D touch feature that enables the device to engage with users through touch, with a suite of over 20 simulated, animated facial expressions. By tickling the forehead of the Tmall Cat, it will giggle and even purr, making the device an electronic pet for the kids. These are all friendly applications to educate or entertain the children, giving parents some free time from the exhausting childcare.