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The Posh Club

The Posh Club is a nightclub for over 60s, produced by stalwarts from London’s queer scene.

The Posh Club is a night club that is exclusively for 60+ but with a distinctly young person’s aesthetic. As an article in the Londonist explains “The Posh Club could be any other trendy Hackney popup.” It was initiated by the people behind Duckie, a club night famous in London’s LGBTQ scene with the express aim of bringing the best aspects of nightlife to the older generation. The night features drag acts and music of various genre’s, including Black and Chinese Elvis impersonators. While the night takes place in the afternoon, the lighting is low, with a purple glow and heavy décor giving the space a rich “swanky” quality, which is taken up by the guests, who take the dress code very seriously.